From England to Spain.

Sunday morning, stuck in the miserable vicinity of Glasgow, playing tennis in the pouring rain with only 3 hours to go until the journey to Gatwick Airport began. Time was ticking away at an intolerably slow pace; the surrounding company of 3-4 year olds was not exactly helping the process. Thankfully, 3 hours finally passed and suddenly the velocity of the clock hand increased hugely. Having only just made the connection from Clapham Junction (after nearly being beheaded by a train door), time once again slowed down, only this time with the check in cue ahead of me. Luckily, I utilised this time effectively by turning my attention to the people surrounding me.
12 O'clock - an elderly couple. The man, dressed well in a Hugo Boss jacket. Late 60s, a slightly impaired walk and probably an entrepreneur, slightly too proud of his successes. His wife, of an entirely dissimilar stature - subdued and submissive; positioned purely to enhance the haughtiness of her man. A peculiar occurrence, given the fact they were flying on a budget airline.

6 O'clock - ironically, as the clock suggests, this couple were indeed an opposing set. Enter a well built gentleman serving his country through the armed forces; proud too but only in the patriotic sense as he was significantly less focussed on individual prowess. His accompaniment - a woman of a supportive nature, giving the couple a more purposeful approach, in contrast to the latter. I just wish he would have changed his pink and purplish striped shirt.

Centre - me, waiting impatiently, with no bloody clue of what's going on. I haven't flown for an immensely long time, leaving me with one option - to become the sheep. Probably the best route to take, considering my environment was nothing but a hectic cloud of haze, severely lacking direction. I say that, but that's not entirely true. In fact, the directions were pretty clear, as you'd expect at an international airport...

I'm sorry, there are two massively annoying things with airlines. Ok, I can't generalise because I was flying with Monarch but here they are. Firstly, my flight ticket told me to board at 1410 when my flight was at 1525. What the hell?! Who needs to board a flight over an hour early? I mean, the plane doesn't even leave the runway until about 20 mins after the designated departure time. Secondly, I bought 2 bottles of water before my flight to drink on the journey, only to find that they were not allowed. So that's money wasted. And then I realised more water could be bought once I was in. Clearly, the difference between the Buxton water before the gate and the duty free one after the gate was lethal - thank God for airport security, that Buxton bottle really could have killed me. 

Ok, finally I boarded the plane. First observation - the aircraft, which was an Airbus A300-600R, quite a machine being one of the commercial pioneers. Of course, the remainder of the plane didn't give a monkeys about the plane which is why I felt it was necessary to tell the world. Thank you Airbus, it's a shame that your passengers don't appreciate you. Don't worry, I'm here for you.

Seat number 34F, situated next to a young lad. Well, 'lad' is a tad dramatic. He was in fact an innocent child in year 2, completely fascinated by the empty canvas in next of him. In other words, his grandmother. The entire flight left the poor woman occupied with collecting felt tip pens, alongside being continuously reminded that she was in fact in the air and not on the ground. Admittedly, I'm with the young boy here. Having not flown for a long time, the experience was refreshing. Hats off to Airbus again. 

This is a real story(not that it doesn't sound unrealistic) about a guy called LANUK (not really his name)!! 
He is a smart person who goes to a school with high expectations.
The use of vocabulary LANUK is using is very advanced not like me with my low vocabulary. (compared to him)
But for real now this boy is really talented he got scholarship to a really good school and I told him I had a blog so he offered me to let him write a post and of course I couldn't deny so this is what came out. To make things clear he wrote this out of pure boredom so NO hate.
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First Glimpse of Spain

Before I start rambling on about how much knowledge I picked up of the Spanish culture, I just wanted to excuse myself for this severe delay of this post, but I hope you enjoy this. Not to forget two bloggers who have left me feedback and followed me which absolutely made my day, thank you. x

On Sunday I had the opportunity to go to a concert of a famous flamenco dancer called Jaquin Cortés, he apparently jilted the diva of the runway, Naomi Campbell. Quite a drama must of happened for him to 'dump' her. The overall concert wasn't too bad but did you ever go watch a movie, concert etc. and everybody liked it but you weren't feelin' it? Well that is how I felt throughout the whole concert not only that, the organisation. It was more than horrible. Let me list a few points why it was so. First, the location: It was next to some sort of free way, it was such a pain in the neck to find this place and then park. Second, 'Mini Bar': Most events like this give you the opportunity to buy a snack and something to drink well thank god they at least managed to organise that, but here comes the disappointing part. The concert started 40 minutes later then it should which made a few people hungry including myself so I got something to eat, but when I asked the lady (that literally understood no English whatsoever) she said they ran out of food. That made me grin for awhile because if I understand this right they ran out of food before the concert even started. It's unreal! Last but definitely not least, the stage: Now on to the organisation of the stage which was a complete fail, the reason I choose this horrible word is because the stage was way above people's eye sight, so basically you would be sitting there and when Jaquin would do the part where he step dances you wouldn't see a thing. I don't call that well thought through to be honest.
At the concert

There is another part I wanted to share, and that should be the surrounding; meaning the crowd. I noticed  several odd things that people do, which I found relevant sharing:
People tend to dress very over the top and pull out their diamonds such as their expensive jewellery and shoes just for a event where they are there to see the show and not a catwalk. I don't blame them, don't get me wrong I get dressy as well but I don't try as hard as they did on the concert.
Then there are those people that meet others. Usually they are desperate English men who want to meet English speaking Spanish women. Let me just say it takes hell a lot effort since most Spanish women don't speak the language English. Lucky for the two guys though, who effortless I'd say found three women their age about 40+. Now the reason I noticed all this weird stuff is because they were none stop talking to each other which hey go head have fun, but please be respectful and talk maybe in the volume so only your acquaintance can hear you. So they went on talking about how great the concert was which it overall really was. But sometimes they were laughing about some joke someone pulled, even if the plot of the concert might of been sad or tragic.  They weren't really paying attention to the concert I could. I also would like to introduce the people who act the most normal but are on the other side attention seekers (most of them are in fact), basically what they do is clap when appropriate and fully concentrate on the concert. People like that, usually don't tolerate being surrounded by people that talk loudly and act silly. It is common that they are an older population or just stuck-up. The last one that my dad relates to a lot. The more outgoing type, they are the funniest to be around.  Judging from my dad, he was screaming like a maniac (not to be rude), unnecessary clapping and things like remarking every five minutes on how fascination it is to be here. The funny twist is though that those people are trying to be noticed but honestly the only person or group of people who actually get attention are the ones on stage and that is where it gets funny. Now that is just how my dad is like, there could be different people sharing the same 'intentions'.
Another topic would be fights. Fights always happen on concerts, festivals and in theatres whether they are about "you are sitting on my seat" or "I can't see behind this tall person" they are always present. But lets just refer to them as little misunderstandings because that is really what they are.
Summing everything in conclusion people are different; they act different, look different and personality as such. This is a statement and it will always be even if aliens invade and control all of our brains. (As if that is ever going to happen.)


I think this is one of my favourite quotes that also keep me motivated to try hard in life. Sometimes we don't try things just because we think it is too hard for us to handle and forget the most important that it will be so worth it in the end. So remember the beginning is always hard but once you get there it will worth it.

Q: What was your worst experience at a public event? 
      Who was the most famous person you saw perform?


It's been a while..

I am so so sorry for being absent for 6 weeks or so. It has no specific reason, but lets just say I was not in the mood. And believe me having the mood to blog just makes the blog post 100 times better rather than forcing yourself. Since in the end it won't  be worth it anyways.

Now, I will come back to my schedule so, I will try to post every week once or twice *fingers crossed*. I have prepared a 'review' about a concert when I went to in Spain (bare in mind it was quiet a while ago) and my sister's friend talking about his experience flying with Airbus. So I have been on here just haven't posted anything. I apologise again and I wanted to thank all the followers I have gotten since my last post. :)


I don't really know what to think about this quote neither I understand it fully nor can I even relate to it. But something about this picture makes sense which would be, that if we all humans really had no money we would be equal(ly treated).

Q: What do you think about this quote? Can you relate?



So, I haven't gotten any followers yet which doesn't bother me even a bit. I will try taking things slower this time since I always rush things; maybe you can relate. For example when you start an account on YouTube, Twitter etc. you want I mean we all want hundreds and hundreds of followers, for several different reasons. As we all know though that is not possible.
To be honest with you that's not the point of this post since it's pretty obvious that we all want followers. My point was to show you a photo which has a quote written on it that inspired me to start this blog.

I personally looove quotes they can be found in any genre possible from sad to excited, there is probably a quote about anything like feet (first thing that came to my mind). They can have such a deep meaning to some people more than to others like this message.

I can relate to this soo much, because I liked this guy and as woman (girl) I think a guy should be the one to ask the girl out and not the other way, well that's how my mum taught me. And basically I just regret that I didn't tell him how I felt. Since in the future I will look back and regret it even more. (Don't worry I am not a romantic loser.)
So I am off to the city, and I'll sure be back with some interesting topics that again fascinates me about people. :) BYE

Q: What is your favourite quote, what does mean to you?
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That's me, just to let you know (no I don't have blue eyes.)
This blog is mainly about what I think about people. It will also contain of some events of my life featuring photos with them and just random stuff I feel like sharing here. Such as some of my photos.
There won't be a standard introduction since I heard that for a blog, bloggers don't really care and anyways I will introduce my self a bit more every single entry.
I sound too formal don't I?
I am so glad starting this because I always wanted to do something like this. Hopefully I will improve my writing through this as well.
Well it is 2am here in Spain so I guess I'll go to sleeeeeep.
P.S. I kinda need to get used to all this...